Well my gut feeling was right, I’ve been following up with the nurse since Tuesday to see if the doctor has read the ultrasound yet and just now got someone to get me some answers.  The doctor is out until next Wednesday. He apologized and said to “get busy” this weekend and we’ll regroup next week. WTF EVER!
Not sure I want to continue with him as my doctor, but I kinda feel like I’ve been jumping from practice to practice… 3 IUI’s & IVF #1 with my 1st RE, IVF #2 with the study RE and now my OBGYN…. I’ll be 43 in January and thinking it may be time to give up and move on.
CD14 and still no positive on the OPK so will keep testing and go the timed intercourse route.

Hoooo Hummmm

CD11 Ultrasound = 1 follicle on the left measuring at about 2cm. Once MD reviews will get a call with next steps.

She didn’t see much on the right, my left has usually been the underperforming ovary.

Kind of disappointed, but need to remind myself I was only on 50mg clomid not 100 with my previous IUI’s.

IUI #4


Starting 50mg of Clomid on CD5 and will go in for first ultrasound on CD10.

The good news I received from my recent blood work is my AMH came back at 4.07, in 2015 it was 1.7. So I’m crediting my weight loss with the better number.

In the meantime, meet Tyson!!! Our newest addition to the family. He’s full of salt & vinegar but can be the best cuddly monster too. He’s been with us just over a month and our other two pups said he can stay, for now anyways. LOL

OB Update

So the OB is all about doing an IUI but NOT with the injectables and wants to do Clomid starting CD5, then ultrasound on CD10 and go from there. Oh and no blood thinner until I get a BFP.  He’s not comfortable using the injectables, which I get, he’s not an RE and didn’t prescribe them. So I’ll talk to DH tonight, but we’ll probably do a Clomid IUI with my August cycle.
I don’t want to go back to an RE because they’re going to make me retake all those tests (mainly the HSG) that aren’t covered by insurance and I’m just not willing to pay that much more out of pocket when my 3 or 4 previous HSG’s have all come back normal with my tubes open.
I’m half tempted to pocket the Clomid RX and still use the injectables without telling my OB, but I really don’t have the balls to do it.
So if August IUI = BFN then looks like I’ll do an injectable cycle on my own since the meds expire in September.
CD1 should be around August 17th!

Getting Everyone On Board

Option 3 it is!!!

In office IUI with OB using my Gonal F and Menopur with trigger shot, have OB prescribe a blood thinner for the cycle as well.

DH is on board and I have an appointment this Thursday to discuss with my OB and hopefully he’ll be on board as well.

Just trying to figure out the doses and timing I want to suggest:

  • CD3 – Start stims, dosing???
  • CD-TBD – Monitor Ovulation & Eggs with good old Wanda
  • CD-TBD – Trigger Shot
  • CD-TBD – In Office IUI and start the blood thinner

Hmmmmm, fingers crossed for Thursday!


Here I Go Again On My Own…

Never realized the lyrics are kind of appropriate for this journey…

I don’t know where I’m going But, I sure know where I’ve been Hanging on the promises In songs of yesterday An’ I’ve made up my mind, I ain’t wasting no more time But, here I go again Here I go again

Tho’ I keep searching for an answer, I never seem to find what I’m looking for Oh Lord, I pray You give me strength to carry on, ‘Cause I know what it means To walk along the lonely street of dreams

An’ here I go again on my own Goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known, Like a hobo I was born to walk alone An’ I’ve made up my mind I ain’t wasting no more time

I’m just another heart in need of rescue, Waiting on love’s sweet charity An’ I’m gonna hold on For the rest of my days, ‘Cause I know what it means To walk along the lonely street of dreams

Last post was January and we were hopeful for a natural BFP and if not then to try some IUI’s at my OB’s office.

Well no natural BFP and didn’t plan/schedule any OB IUI’s. Buuuuuttttt a fellow IVF’r and friend had some left over Menopur and Gonal F that they gave to me, so looks like we may be trying this self-medicated, unmonitored cycle on our own again.

Last time I did this (June 2016) resulted in a BFP, which then resulted in another miscarriage. So I’m contemplating the following:

Option 1:

Do it all on our own again with OPK’s, etc.

Option 2:

Talk my OB into monitoring my eggs/ovulation with the Gonal F and Menopur I have, prescribe Ovidrel trigger shot and a blood thinner and just baby dance when it’s time for ovulation.

Option 3:

In office IUI with OB using my Gonal F and Menopur, have OB prescribe a blood thinner for the cycle as well.

Will need to discuss with DH tonight but will need to get some appointments on the books if we go Option 2 or 3 as the Gonal expires in September.

New Year, New Updates 

Updating from my appointment with the Pregnancy Loss and Prevention Center at USF  this past November:

The appointment went well. I met with both doctors and have their email address if I have any additional questions. We went over health and family history. The stupid OB office didn’t send over all my medical records. He wasn’t to thrilled with my self prescribed use of my old IVF meds this past June. 😇😇
Talked about genetics and chromosomal abnormalities. That can cause early m/c. 

He said I didn’t need to worry about my 1 copy MTHFR gene because 50% of the population that are from Eastern European decent have this. And since that many have it, it’s considered normal. I asked about it preventing folic acid absorption and he said that was bullshit. Just something companies came up with to get you to buy expensive internet vitamins and not to believe everything I read online. Well duh!!  I’m not sure how I feel about this but he should know. 

Talked a little about IVF being an option but of course it’s not going to increase my chances of a successful pregnancy. Last resort is always donor eggs. But definitely keep trying on our own. 

Took some blood for a chromosome test to make sure all chromosomes are where they’re supposed to be. Results came back normal. Everything is where it’s supposed to be. 😊

Got a prescription for folic acid and progesterone. Once I get a positive on an OPK to wait three days then start the progesterone. Starting progesterone too soon can cause a m/c. I filled the folic acid RX but the progesterone was around $700 so I opted not to fill it as I have some leftover from my previous pregnancy. 

His mom actually had him when she was 45 so he said it’s possible. All in all I liked both docs but don’t feel like it really gave me any solid answers.

Fast forward to today:

I had my annual OB appointment today it went really well.  I think my Dr. may have actually done some research on the deficiencies and MTHFR that came back in my bloodwork – which by the way insurance didn’t cover so we got a nice $1K bill for that. Ugh!

I asked for a prescription for Folgard, but after reading (just now) what’s in it, I’m pretty much already taking all of the suppliments/vitamins that are in it. He advised next time I do get pregnant he would put me on a low dose heparin as well. So FX it happens naturally. Otherwise we can try IUI’s DH would have to get another SA though. 

IUI would be about $400 – $500 and basically clomid, with u/s and OPK monitoring and when ready the HCG Trigger shot then the IUI – so same basic protocol that I’ve done before…

I asked about my running if I do get pregnant and he said it’s okay just no long distances. But I will probably opt to start walking instead.

I have a full marathon on the 22nd and two more half’s (last one is in March) so if it doesn’t happen naturally after that then will talk to DH about IUI’s.  Which he actually brought up when we were at dinner about a month ago. 

So here we go again!  Getting back on this damn roller coaster!!